Australia’s Most Awarded Branded Beef - Kerwee Certified All-Natural Wagyu and Angus Beef

May 28, 2017

Stockyard’s Kerwee Wagyu was awarded the Grand Champion Branded Beef of show at the prestigious Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show Branded Beef Competition announced in early May. Coming out on top of a record-breaking 41 entrants, Kerwee Kiwami Wagyu was lauded for it’s exceptional eating and visual qualities.

“It had textbook marbling, luscious juiciness, melt in the mouth tenderness and incredibly well-balanced flavours that were both delicate and robust, from sweet biscuit and pureed blanched almond through to Shitake mushroom – perfect for sashimi to charcoal grilling.” Judge Elaine Miller said.

This follows recent strong performances in the 2017 Australian Wagyu Branded Beef competition and other branded beef competitions in 2016, to truly confirm its place as Australia’s most awarded beef brand.

Kerwee Wagyu and Angus is produced at the Hart Family’s award winning Kerwee Feedlot, located at Jondaryan on the Darling Downs in Queensland. Family farming since 1958, the Kerwee Group is a leading exporter of superior quality grain fed beef to fine dining restaurants, hotels and retailers around the world.

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