Terra Mare Prime Wagyu Bone-In Scotch Fillet (Ribeye)

5-7kg piece, price varied by grade (BMS)


  • Grass fed, then finished on a minimum of 400 days of white grain (barley and wheat – not corn)
  • Beef Marble Score from 4 to 8+
  • Delivering the highest quality, tender meat with a rich and silky flavour
  • The most awarded grain-fed wagyu beef in Australia
  • Certified hormone, growth promotant and GMO free
  • Processed in a HACCP and AQIS export certified facility
  • National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS No. 247)


This Premium Wagyu item does vary in net weight and will be charged on a ‘per kilo’ basis via the following order process:

  • A hold on your credit will be placed for the ‘maximum amount’ of the weight range shown (the weight range is 8-12kg, the hold price will be based upon 12 kilograms)
  • Your product will then be picked and weighed
  • The correct weight of the product will be applied to your order and your final order and price will be updated prior to delivery
  • The credit card purchase will be completed, with the amount adjusted to the order total with correct weight(s)

Please note: The final order total will not exceed the amount held on your card prior to order fulfilment.


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