Yumbah Abalone

Sashimi Grade Abalone from the Pristine Waters of Victoria and South Australia

  • Greenlip and Tiger Abalone
  • Champion at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2021
  • From Southern Australia (South Australia and Victoria)
  • Naturally buttery and salty
  • Farmed in tanks and raceways using environmentally sustainable production facilities
  • Vegetable protein source used in feed
  • Rated “BEST CHOICE” by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch List


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Why choose Yumbah Abalone

The pristine Antarctic waters flow into the Australian Great Southern Ocean at extremely cold temperatures, creating the perfect conditions for abalone. Processed from live with the freshness locked inside, you can now enjoy our Australian abalone anywhere in the world.

Yumbah’s story combines respect for Australia’s indigenous peoples, the unique and pristine qualities of the Great Southern Ocean and investment in innovative, sustainable, scalable aquaculture systems to produce premium shellfish for a worldwide market.

Used with the permission of the traditional custodians of the Yaygirr language, the word Yumbah means ‘larger shellfish’. From ‘pellet to plate’, the abalone are nurtured from birth to harvest, then carefully processed, packaged and sold as a Yumbah brand. That’s the secret to a great coastal seafood experience, born of respect, care and passion.

Individually quick frozen (IQF) frozen in-shell
Container Size 10 x 1kg packs in 10kg outer carton
Grades Pieces Per 1 kg Net 8 and 10
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